Show version number in name of latest elicenser

Because I have had so much trouble involving the elicenser, I check for an update every day. It would save a lot of time to show the version number in the name of the elicenser setup file, so I can avoid downloading and installing a new one if it is the same as I already have. This would be a real time saver.

I’m not against your request but…

I wonder why you are having so much trouble with the elicenser? Maybe an issue with your USB port such as a power setting that times it out. Or maybe you are using a USB 3 port versus 2 (or vice versa). Maybe just try a different USB port.

The only time I check to ensure it is the latest version is right before installing CB upgrades and such.

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Check the Release Notes pdf right below the download links.

You only have to download the installer if any of the numbers highlighted are changed:

Any update that doesn’t change these 3 numbers is just a license database update. You can update your license database much more safely and quicker by just running Maintenance Tasks in the eLicense Control Center program. No need to download the installer.

Thank you very much, problem solved!