Show your studio

I am curious how your workspace looks like!

Here is the vocal booth. There are some others on the site under “studio”
The helm picture is a bit dated. Have to take a new one one of these days.

Keyboards aren’t in view but this is where I spend most of my time!


Holy mackerel Jonathan. Do you wear an RFI suit when you sit in front of that? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s saved me loads of money on trips to the tanning salon as well as heating bills!


Screen envy :mrgreen:

+1 Ka-trillion WOW!

Flippin’ 'eck!

I suddenly feel strangely inadequate…

And I thought my single 24" Dell screen was cool. :astonished:

Well that 8 screen display brought this topic to an abrupt halt :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

it wasn’t the screens, it was the clean room. I’m pretty sure it’s all photoshopped! I mean, come on … clean room … 8 monitors and not one of them has WoW on it. Clearly fake :smiley:

:laughing: Mi gamesez are on my office computer. :smiley:. So that way if something blows up, I’ve lost all my money, my clients info… but I still gotz my music :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Ah, therein possibly lies the secret of my good relationship with Cubase! As far as software goes, all of my DAWs are ‘Strictly Music’ - no spreadsheets, word processors, utilities, internet browsing, or er … WoW etc. Never have understood the hundreds of “Cubase is s**t/bug ridden” etc type posts when they are running a nearly identical rig to myself!

Seriously guys, I am really surprised at the reaction. The FIRST thing I realised I needed with Cubase was screen real estate regardless of the ‘Workspaces’ concept.


Jonathan, my comments were purely in jest. You have an amazing setup. Although, I do run other applications on my system, since I am primarily a programmer, WoW is not one of them. I am also fortunate not to be plagued by computer problems commonly blamed on Cubase, or any other DAW for that matter. Maybe because I don’t buy low end, or maybe just being computer literate. Not sure which.

Anyhow, maybe I’ll post my home duffer studio after I finish cleaning up a bit. I just built a computer and the room is in a bit of disarray at the moment. Here’s a pic of my new DAW fired up for the first time though! Obviously built for fun, more than function.

One can buy real estate and one can buy a subdivision. I believe you have partaken of the later :laughing:

Yes, I know or at least I had hoped so :slight_smile:

This certainly rings true with me. I think both are key to a peaceful life with Cubase (and every other piece of software one chooses to run!)

One of my New Year resolutions though is to really start to USE in earnest my setup to produce some music! I seem to spend all my time upgrading/buying the latest VST blah blah. I dug out my Commodore SX64 a week or so ago and (after replacing a couple of failed chips) got it to boot and loaded up Steinberg’s Pro 16 - my first foray into sequencers.

I was humbled as I was reminded of how primitive things were “back then”. But I tell you, I produced far more music then than I have ever done with the current setup. Time to start (learning &) using what I already have!


Best of luck to you in that regard. I can totally understand your situation. I keep telling myself the same thing. But I always end up helping someone else with their songs or setup. By the time I sit down to do my own thing, I’m kind of worn out and not into doing the 10 to 12 hour sessions I used to do.

Hmmmm. Very convinient. But guess everyone has a different idea of what works for them

Agree wih you Jonathan…when recording, computer should be dedicated

It’s convenient when it works recording 16 track in for local symphony

It’s convenient when it works with multiple external keyboards

It’s convenient when it plays back 60+ track songs full of plugins perfectly

Mostly, having a system that works on complex, multirack, heavy VST(i), external synth controlling, multi track recording is very convenient. I would recommend it to anyone.

Now I’m tempted to dig out my Amiga with Bars & Pipes Pro :laughing:

Yep, best DAW program EVER! Can’t imagine how many happy hours I spent in front of my Amiga 1000 with B&P.