Showing a Flow (and not the others)?


I can’t find the way to show just say flow 3, and not all of them. In my case these are different cues. Can I not just see one at a time if I want?

Many thanks!

Go to Setup Mode, select the current layout in the right panel and disable the other flows in the bottom panel. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Alternatively, create a new layout that contains only one flow, and work on that.

That way, you can quickly flip back to seeing other the flows in the original layout, if you want to.

Changing the connections between players, flows, and layouts in Setup mode can be slow for large projects, so you don’t want to have to do the same actions repeatedly.

The other advantage to Rob’s solution is that you won’t lose anything: if you remove a flow from a layout then any layout work you’ve done on that flow disappears.

For export and print separate flows, I discovered yesterday the “Export flows —each flow as a separate file” function which works great and has made me earn a lot of time. Thanks for adding that option !

I second pianoleo— only deselect a flow from a layout if you aren’t doing fine engraving work, otherwise you’ll lose all your manual edits.

The devs need to put that on the list.

If you bear in mind that by “layout work” I’m including things like staff spacing, I don’t see how they could “put that on the list”. If you remove a flow and all following flows shuffle forward, that layout work is no longer necessarily relevant.

Pianoleo, I basically agree, but in that case a BIIIIG alert box should at least ask me if I really want to drop the work of the last hours/days/weeks :wink:

Well, my biggest peeve is software that assumes I don’t know what I’m doing and keeps nagging me to confirm things. Even when it’s right, and I DON’T know what I’m doing!