Showing b7 and c8 on the treble clef for a piano score?

So far, the best I can display in the treble clef of a piano score is: a7. For b7 and c8, the last two piano notes on a piano keyboard, Dorico simply does not allow me to go further up than a7 that is I cannot have them displayed on the score, as it stops at a7.
Therefore, is it a limitation of Dorico (I have the latest update (July 27 2020) ) that I cannot write b7 and c8 on a piano score in Dorico?

Goes up to G9 for me (middle C being C4)

Hello theoretical,
Thanks for your feedback. I was just wondering if you use a piano score when it goes up to G9? Or is it a score for another instrument?

Can you notate an A7, then use Alt-up arrow to raise it to C?

Blank piano score, but I nudge it up there with alt+arrow up.

Piano instrument goes up to G9 here.

Screenshot 10.png

I think it’s a limitation when using the mouse to input notes.


OMG, many thanks to you all and in particular to dankreider, just by using Alt+up arrow from a7, I was able to easily have both b7 and c8 very easily show up on my piano score! Previously, I was using the mouse and that simply did not work.

Many thanks to all of you who gave me some help. Very much appreciated.

Don’t know the conventions here but wouldn’t that be better as an 8va’s? MOLA recommends not using 8va/vb, but if I had to play that I’d tear my eyes out.

No just doubled checked, they say “care should be used” and they use “8va basso” rather than 8ba. And in this case internet search believes (Stack Exchange) that 15ma/15mb is legal.

Speaking as a pianist, if that note came out of nowhere I’d want an 8va line or possibly a 15ma. If that note (by which I mean the C 12 ledger lines up) was at the top of a pattern that repeated up a series of octaves then maybe it could appear without an ottava line.