Showing Caesura before a dividi's return to unison

I’m currently engraving a choral work and and it includes a section of divisions that I’ve chosen to split into two staves using Dorico’s divisi feature.

The issue I’m having is that I have a Caesura at the end of the divisi section immediately before the division is restored to unison. Because I’ve restored it to unison it doesn’t show the Caesura on the 2nd voice of the divisi. I’ve attached a screenshot of my issue. Is there any way to force that caesura to show?

p.s. I’m running Dorico

Attach the caesura to a rhythmic position in that bar, not to the barline (which is, effectively, the downbeat of the next bar). You can move the existing caesura with Alt+left arrow.

Thanks much! Sorry I had missed your reply. That worked perfectly!