Showing distortion/fatness parameter depending on filter type

Hi all,

Have been digging in with macro page designer and close to finishing something cool… am stuck though at a last hurdle.

Am trying to get the distortion/fatness parameter to switch depending on the filter type - to replicate the standard behaviour of a zone with a filter in halion.


off, classic and eco disables distortion

tube —> red rate kf enables distortion

halion 3 & waldorf enables fatness

I presume it’s to do with disable groups and pages, which I have been using separately with no probs but unsure.

Can any one help me with these steps?

Also, i dont have skylab etc as I got rid to save space so can not use these as an example… the only one I kept was anima which has proven useful in getting my head around this stuff… anima has a different solution though involving scripting, which limits the filter types, therefore leaving only distortion parameter. If neccesary I will download skylab etc again to see the examples but if i can get it done without having to do so that would be great.