Showing only MIDI notes in automation lane

The automation panel allows me to show midi data in the volume lane. But it shows all the MIDI data, and all I need to see are the notes. All that controller data is obscuring what I really need to see. Is there a way to specifiy this?

is this Preference setting what you’re looking for?

No, that adjusts the brighness in the actual MIDI lane (the small gray lines in my picture). I want to adjust what’s visible in the volume lane (the light blue lane).

Sorry - I’m not able to even replicate what you’re seeing - maybe I’m on a different version or platform or have never found that display preference.

Could you possibly post a screen shot that is more zoomed out so we can see in context what you are trying to do. I’m not sure exactly what you are even showing us.

Below is a larger image, but it might be easier to describe what’s going on. If you open the automation panel, the settings tab allows you to “Show Data On Tracks”. This makes the MIDI data appear in any automation lanes (in this specific case VOLUME) that you open. The intent is obvious. It’s much easier to align any edits in the automation lane to MIDI notes when they are visually in the automation lane. Problem is, ALL the MIDI data appears in the automation lane. In this specific case the MIDI instruments are string simulations that have a lot of controller data. Unfortunately this controller data obscures the actual notes in the controller lane. As Nico5 pointed out, you can adjust this type of visual in the instrument track itself, but I want to adjust it in the controller lane.

I don’t think there is a way to adjust it. You might consider having the Lane only show the controller data & use the In-Line Editor to display the Notes.

ok - thanks for that - finally was able to reproduce what you’re seeing.

However for me, my original suggestion of unchecking the Preferences checkbox seems to work.

With preferences like this:

Just like you describe, I get:


With checkbox unchecked

I get this:

Is that what you wanted? Or am I still misunderstanding?

Yes that’s it thanks. It’s odd that the brightness controls only effect the instrument track itself, while the “Show Controllers” box effects both the instrument and volume lane. I had fiddled with the brightness controls first, and when I saw they did not effect the volume lane, I didn’t even consider touching the checkbox.


I painted an arrow pointing to the check box in my original screen capture for a reason :rofl: