Showing Release Bend Pitch in Tablature

I don’t know if anyone can enlighten me on the following please? I am trying to show the fret of a bend after releasing it, but get the result in example one which has no number or brackets. The example in Two shows a previous score excerpt in Finale which shows the release note fret in parentheses. I can’t see see anything that would allow me to do this in Engraving Options > Guitar Bends. Any ideas? Thanks.One.pdf (118.1 KB)
Two.pdf (25.3 KB)

I’ve had a bit of a poke around, Nick, and I’m afraid I don’t think this is one of the appearances that Dorico supports at the moment. Dorico will show a parenthesised number for a bend and release, but not for a downward bend.

Thanks Daniel. Might this feature appear in a future update?

It might, yes, but not imminently.