Showing some love for C12.0.20

Well , i never thought i would be saying this a few weeks ago but :

My old machine is absolutely loving C12.0.20 , i’ve been using it quite intensely (for me ) in the last few days and ive only had one crash which was setting up a really involved meter colouring .
I’ve been using Vari audio loads , loads of different plugin’s including the dreaded AA plugin’s and truthy ? … Ive not encountered any bugs , it’s running super stable , i don’t want to jinx myself but i can’t remember performance like this EVER .

It’s going to have to be a good .0.30 to make me move .
The OS stays exactly the same over the course of my Cubase instalments , no point in updating and breaking the system ahhh .

well done Steinberg
Loving it :+1: :heart_eyes: