Showing specific bar number on a per flow basis


I am layouting some parts and occasionally I need to show a bar number like this:

I create a bar number change, so far so good. But then – is there a way to hide the bar number in all other layouts? It seems (I might be wrong) that the hiding of the bar number has to be done manually for each and every layout where I want to hide it.

Is there some other way to do this? Or should I resort to typing it in as text?


…I’ll answer to myself :slight_smile:

The best way seems to be shift+x, not the bar number change. Then I only have to hide the bar number in the score layout.

The only adjusting needed is the horizontal position but I can live with that.

What I cannot get my head around is the fact that with an ordinary system break, there is created a hidden time signature with a bracketed bar number and the switch for hide bar number desactivated. Fine. But in the case of the repeat sign above, the hidden time signature with no bar number shown, also has the hide bar number switch desactivated. If I activate it, the sign post changes from




(the “61” is my shift+x bar number)

Any light provided on this behaviour is welcome!

Bar number changes and time signatures (and indeed non-default barlines) are all internally tied up as the same thing (we call them “bar division changes”) so you can get some interesting signpost contents when there’s both a bar number change and an irregular bar at the same position.