Showing the lurrve!

… Just wondering if our incurably romantic favourite DAW manufacturer will be having a Valentine’s promotion like they did last year?
… managed to pick up a couple of nice little bargains last year! :smiley:

C’mon Steiny… Show us the LURRRVE again!! :wink:

YEP i’m feeeeelin’ the lurrrrve today!

Neo Soul Keys for half price … sweeeeeeeeeet! :slight_smile:

Cheers Steiny!

I might jump for Halion Symphonic Orchestra. I know it’s not the best library out there but for what I’d use it for it’ll be worth €50,-.
This will work with HSSE correct?

edit: checking out my Cubase Artist 6.5 box, I notice I never got a trial for Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Can I just download the trial anyway and be elligible for the discount?

edit2: There is no HSO here: link. Seems I can’t even get a trial then :frowning:

Yeah I have hso se, as you say there are better libraries but for the money it ain’t bad, been using it myself for a few years…

I did see a link for it earlier when I got nsk… It’s an add on for hsse as you rightly assume, there is a link to all the trial versions on one of the pages that links from the email they sent out, it’s not a big button but just a link that you’re looking for…

I can’t find it :frowning:.
I have a link to the purchase for €50,- which works, but I need a trial license to use it and it seems you can no longer get one :frowning:
There’s links to trial versions for pretty much everything else, but not HSO.

You need to look a bit harder :wink:

direct download link

page link

Just got a full HALion Sonic 2 license for the same price I was about ready to pay for the upgrade from HALion Sonic. Now I have what I wanted AND I still have the HALion Sonic (1) license on my spare dongle. What a deal!


I must’ve been really blind, I looked through that page multiple times :open_mouth:.
Got it now though, cheers :slight_smile: