showing the name or description of glyph when browsing a glyph in SMuFL pictogram

Dear developers and advanced users,

Could I have a pop-up description when browsing a glyph in SMuFL pictogram?

In the following screenshot, a glyph is selected without any description or the name of it:

Could I see the name or description of the glyph as pop-up when browsing the glyphs?

Some glyphs are too small and I must enlarge the screen. Otherwise, I should refer to the SMuFL guide in PDF.

It would be really helpful to see the name or description of glyphs.

Thanks for the suggestion. This wouldn’t be trivial for us to achieve, but it could be done. I’ll make a note of it as something for us to think about for future versions.

That would be useful, but they’d probably have to create and keep updated an internal database of all the SMuFL metadata, which as Daniel says isn’t trivial. What I do is have a browser up to the specification to the codepage I’m looking at (usually percussion)

Thank you for considering it positively!