Showing two (or more) playing technics

Hi all, I wish to indicate more than one playing technic at the same position. arco & sul pont. I do not succced in having both. This is my method: (popover) [arco, sul pont]. I only get arco. If I write sul pont in a second operation, arco vanishes.
Thanks for your help


Welcome to the forum @midiese!

I’m not familiar with sul pont so I won’t string you along too far but sometimes there are playing techniques that are mutually exclusive. This means you can’t have them at the same time eg pizz and arco. I’m not sure if this falls into that category.

Sometimes you can get away with adding items at different rhythmic positions. So, you could put a playing technique on beat 1 and move the caret along one rhythmic position (whatever your rhythmic grid is set to) and enter the next. This would obviously affect playback, the layout (you might need to manually move the text back in Engrave mode) and may not even work in your case still! Oh well! Worth a try.

try using the right side panel, and welcome to the forum

You should be able to input a second playing technique at the same position as another one, but maybe try selecting a note or rest at that position first; if the original playing technique is selected, that might be causing Dorico to think you want to replace it? Although I’m away from Dorico, my memory might be tricking me.


Thank to you all,
Selecting the note , and not the playing technic, works.
I guess one day, separating multiple technics with a coma (in the popover) could be a feature.
That being said, I love the software :slight_smile: