Shows track with data between the locators - insufficient

Hi, when I mix complex projects, I enjoy being able to filter the project window (as well as the synchronized Mix Console) to show only the tracks/channels that are relevant for a specific bar range of my project. The “show track with data between the locators” visibility operation is built just for that. However, the tracks/channels selected are almost all the tracks/channels I need. What’s missing are any channels/tracks that are directly/indirectly connected to those tracks - as I really need to see those when I’m mixing that bar-range. Such channels/tracks may not necessarily contain data and therefore they may not be shown.

Here are two examples, and I guess there may be more:
(1) Groups - a “vocal” track that contains data is routed to “group back vocals” that is then routed to “group vocals”. If “group back vocals” or “group vocals” do not contain any data (e.g., automation data between the chosen locators), they do not appear. Well, I did notice that if a specific channel appears in the right zone of the Mix Console it will appear in the Mix Console regardless of whether it contains data or not. Therefore, in this example, the “group vocals” - which is a “main” group and therefore appears in the Mix Console right zone - will appear (at least in the Mix Console). However, the “group back vocals” which appears in the Mix Console middle zone wouldn’t…

(2) Instrument output channels - If there are instrument tracks and/or output channels to which I send data from other tracks, then those channels do not appear - although I really need them for mixing (as these guys have the relevant faders etc.)

It would have been wonderful if an option to include all those guys would be included (either as part of the “show track with data between the locators” or as an added option).