Shreddage library not reloading in Kontakt

I bought a new Shreddage 2X guitar soundlibrary for Native Instruments Kontakt Player, but can’t use it because my Cubase songs don’t reload the sounds.
I activated it with the serial number in the activate button in Kontakt Player.
I can load the library and it functions okay, but after restarting Kontakt Player the library is gone.
I have the latest updates of Kontakt Player 5 (5.4.3) and Service Center (2.6.0).
The library is registered as shown on my account page on NI site.
But in my NI Service Center the library does not show up.
Also in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center, appears no xml file for Shreddage 2X.
Also I tried removing the registry entries. Then restart Kontakt and add the library again. Then tried to activate it in Service Center instead of using the activate button in Kontakt, but still didn’t show up there.

Any help appreciated!

But this is the Steinberg forum, you need Native Instruments support it looks like.

Yes I know, but there are several threads about this topic in the Native Instruments forum without solution. I hoped maybe in the Cubase forum someone with experiene with this subject could help me out by chance…

Already resolved. Uninstalling Service Center, then fresh download and install did the trick.