"Shrink" whole project?

Hi guys,

I’m in a project where I compose in Dorico then make the mockup in my DAW.

One of the pieces I wrote in Dorico ended up being too fast to make an accurate mockup in my DAW (those of you who make mockups in the DAW know that orchestral libraries don’t always hit exaclty when the note starts. This coupled with a very high tempo can make it impossible to adjust note entrances properly by ear. slowing down the music in the DAW doesn’t work because when you speed it back up the entrances will all be off again.),

I’ve decided that the most practical solution would be to return to Dorico and “shrink” my project in a way that it sounds the same but with a more manageable quarter note tempo. This means halving the tempo and converting all the quarter notes into eight notes, etc.

Is there an easy way to do this?
My project is full of time signature changes. I might have to delete them to make this work without completely breaking the score.

There are features in the Write menu… Half notes durations is one of them. Along with insert mode, it could quite quickly help you to achieve your goal. The only problem is if you have tuplets…
The of course, deleting your meter changes and inputting new ones at the right places, but Dorico handles this nicely. Really, the only problem is going to be the tuplets.

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Tuplets aren’t the only problem – I have been wrestling with this just today. Multiple voices on a staff can also be troublesome. See this thread from March.

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Sounds as if you need a string (?) patch with a faster attack.

I need a library that has a fast attack, a good dynamic range, that is well recorded AND has reasonably configured keyswitches… In other words, the perfect library haha (which doesn’t exist unfortunately :disappointed_relieved: (yet… as far as I know))