Shrinking the app size down


are there any plans on shrinking the Cubasis app size down? This can be done on various level, like compressing sample content (AudioKit iOS apps does this quite extensively and there are huge savings).

Alternatively, moving sample content to free IAP, ideally splitting them up into individual groups so they can be downloaded separately. A combination of both would be great because space is precisious on older iPads.

On that note, I would love to see more rompler content as IAPs, more instruments, more loops, more MIDI loops and drum loops. More everything! :slight_smile:

Good work guys, stay safe.

Hey |zap,
If you go into MEDIA => PROJECT, you can reduce file size there.
All the best :v:

Oops sorry not MEDIA ! Go to SET UP > PROJECTS. Set up is the button on top right next to the ‘?’

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Hi lzap,

Thanks for your message.

It might be possible, that we allow content to be downloaded separately at some point in the future.

For now, you can give it a try to delete unwanted content via the Apple Files app at your own risk.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes
& stay safe,