"Shuffle" Mode And Other Matters


  1. Is there a “shuffle mode” available, where, if I delete a section of data, MIDI or Audio, everything to the right moves in to fill the space? Maybe it’s called by a different name in Cubendo.

  2. Re nudging, the manual has a chapter called, “Set Nudge Value”, where it lists a set of key commands, but it doesn’t say where these commands are.

Any ideas?


2) The key commands are well hidden in the Key Commands menu. :slight_smile:
Edit/Key Commands/Nudge


Thank you for the response, Fredo!

I found the key command for the nudge function, and i can now set the nudge value.

The shuffle issue, however, is still there. Maybe i didn’t explain it right.

Let’s say, I want to delete bars 9 - 16 of a project. In one scenario, I can play the new information into the track and move on. In another scenario, I might want bars 17 - 24 to be the new 9 - 16. I can either cut and paste, or, when I delete bars 9 - 16, bars 17 - 24, and everything else will slide in from the right to fill the space created. It is this “sliding in” function that i am asking about.

I hope this is clearer.

Thanx, again!

check silence function there are two - one creates space and other moves data to the left


It is this “sliding in” function that i am asking about.

Fredo posted the pix of the option to select. But you’ll also need to activate the snap function, that should do it.