Shure M57 Mic not working thru UR28M.

Can anyone help me. I thought this dynamic mic would work thru my UR28M. It isn’t making a blip on my channel.
Thanks alot for any help.

Set up Cubase as explained in the manual.

Apart from setting up Cubase correctly, what sort of lead are you using XLR-TRS or XLR-XLR ?

Hey Split, thanks for the reply. I’m using xlr-xlr. I got an new xlr-xlr cable with the mic. I also tried my old xlr-xlr that I have been using successfully with my condenser mic for 2 years.(thinkingcap!)
I also tried running thru my old Tascam US-200. No luck.
The mic is brand new. If I turned the gain all the way up on my UR28 or the little Tascam the level meter registers only when I tap firmly on the mic grill. Only when tapping. Speaking or shouting does nothing. Gain has to be way up.
Thanks alot. Let me know if I can provide any more info.

Sounds like a bad mic problem, not an UR problem to me. :ugeek:

Yeah distante, i tried another dynamic mic and it worked fine. Thanks for your reply. :smiley: