Shut down hang with 6.07 update [SOLVED]

Nuendo now hangs on shut down after installing 6.07 update.
Anyone else?


Did you try to move your preferences folder to start clean ?

No sir.
Never had to before with any update.

Have tried a hard reinstall and still hangs on shut down.

Will have to roll back to 6.06 and see if that solves the problem.

Where does this prefs folder live btw?

I never had to trash preferences to update Nuendo either. But since the crash doesn’t occure here, I’m thinking it could be a local hiccup. So the preference trashing voodoo is the popular usual advice.

Hope this helps,


I’ve been getting the hang/crash on quit since 6.06.

It’s getting to be a real drag. Can’t y’all deal with this?


Flickering cursor still there. Took half a second to trigger that (zoom to about 3 bars, click in the project/arr. area).

Growing channel width on opening/closing the different mixers. After half a minute I was able to make some of them 2 inches wide.

The new mixer, the focusing system and the control room is a complete mess IMO. Not even the cursor they can get right.

Seems like Nuendo 6 and Cubase 7/7.5 will be Steinbergs Millenium/Vista.

Less politics please. I will send out a PM to you all telling you to tone it down a bit. We don’t need offensive language and personal attacks here.

Thanks for the warning :mrgreen: . Been there before :wink:

It was most def a prefs problem.

I flushed the prefs folder and started fresh.

Shut down problem gone, and mixer window issues resolved.

All working fine over here now.

Thanks a heap.