Shut your 'puter down or leave it 'on'?

Aloha guys,

No poll here, just curious.

Years ago I would leave things running but now
when the session is over everything gets shut.
(don’t remember when or why I changed).

So just asking you guys,
do you also shut down or do you leave your stuff running?
(any or all parts of the system)

TIA (tanx in advance)

Funny that you mention this. Up until about 18 months ago, I just left everything on and if anything was shut down, the computer was on all the time. I computer engineer friend of mine suggest this as being better than the " rigors" of boot-up. Why I have no clue but I can believe the logic in that.

About the beginning of spring last year, I started to shut everything down as the primary reason being my electric bill. I’m not suggesting the computer is eating up power but it does seam as though my ridiculous electric bill is maybe $30.00 cheaper each month by shutting it down.

Shut down what’s the point of allowing a modern processor to build up heat?

My computer draws 150 watts to idle, up to 400 watts for video or music editing. On, do what I need, shut it down. The iPad takes 100 watts to give 10 hours of use. Saves a bunch on the monthly power charge.

That’s funny - my computer is the same sitting idle, vs. playing back a huge project which send my CPU upward of 50%

I got this thig-a-ma-jig from my local power co. a few months ago, and turns out, that my computer draws the equivalent of 1 cent/hr. So, if I shut it off at night for approx 8 hrs, that’s 240 hrs/mo., equaling about $29.00/yr.

I can do alot with $29.00 yanno. :mrgreen:


The 150 is accurate. The 400 is an apparently very bad guess. Besides CPU the fans speed up and the graphics GPU also draw more.

Steve, that’s a good point about the computer “sucking up extra dust”, especially if the room is carpeted. It always surprises me how much dust my machine collects, and then obviously runs hotter.

Why pay for it?



I used to keep my computer on 24/7 to save wear and tear caused by turning it on/off all the time. Then few years ago I did the math: with current electricity prices this is ridiculous. Did some more research and easily cut my electricity bill to 1/2. And that’s a nice amount of €€/month.

At my location it’s easy to calculate approximate cost: 10W = 1€/month. (OK … actually it’s more like 1.15€)

And don’t forget to unplug the cell phone charger etc … by unplugging all these little gadgets in you home you may even save $2/month, if you’re lucky :unamused:

And if everyone switched off/unplugged all non essential electrical equipment when not needed the savings/environmental worldwide would be huge! A couple of Watts x 10’s or even 100’s of millions is a lot.

When I had a largish (analogue) desk I would leave that on permanently, solely to reduce the gremlins that can creep into these things when thermally cycled repeatedly (damp/condensation) thousands of components heating up cooling down/repeated expansion/contraction and all that!

Shut down pooter for me and switch off monitors :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention the small fire risk!!!

Mahalo for all the info guys.

Sending much Aloha.

My advice - Turn it off :wink:

Long ago, when vacuum tubes ruled the electronic world this was a major issue. A lot of gear, as well as many consumer HIFI and televisions later incorporated a standby switch which would just keep the heating elements under a slightly reduced current.

With modern solid state and microdevices this is hardly an issue any more and in fact in many cases the reverse is true. In the old world heat was integral as much of the the electronics relied on principles of thermionic emission (some high end and calibrated equipment even required the tubes to be “aged” = kept under current for a time like a vintage wine) - in the modern world, heat is generally the enemy and is a primary factor responsible for shortening the life of a given component. As the devices become smaller, the current required to operate them becomes smaller resulting in much less heat being generated overall. The greatest power hogs in a modern computer are usually the fans and devices involved in cooling the local environment down!

Consider also mechanical disk drives which many still have in use - and with the fact that many have defeated the power saving features of their DAW, these will never rest - increasing their likelihood of failure.

Lastly, think that many computers are connected to the internet, and if the computer sits there idle for long periods, this could give a hacker ample time to hack into your system! :wink:

Everything off here when not in use. Keeps the electrical cost down, gear will last longer (I have some 30+ year old gear). I unplug it all if I am away from the studio for more than a day or two.

It don’t matter what we save in “the big picture” the idiots running the world will still stuff us and put the price of leky up!! it’s only recentley they forced us to use those daft new light bulbs that make you go blind and you have to evacuate the house if one breaks…they use a load less leky but somehow…my leky bill has got bigger…Kevin

Completely agree as well as unplugging things you don’t use often.

Kevin, get LED bulbs if you are scared of the mercury. If you let “the idiots running the world” take your care of something greater or importance of what matters to you away, you are a part of their machine. More than you may realize.

Yes, same here.

All I was saying is…whatever we do we’re gonna get screwed for money…we use less leky to save money ( and the planet) so they put the price up and we pay the same or more for less…


So this thread seems to be shaping up as economics being
one of the prime motivators to turning off yer gear.


If ‘leky’ (as shadowfax puts it) was free to all,
would you still shut down?

And why (or why not)?

Still the longevity issue regarding heat and general aging. Switching it off still makes more sense.

Now if that free electricity in Hawaii can reach here on a long extension cord, plug me in! :laughing:

Steve, do you have hydro-electric generators in your area? You bills for electricity seem well below par…especially if you can curtail your girlfriends use…

For the 3 weeks we had here when the temps hovered near 100 daily, my monthly bill shot up to almost $400.

I met a few retires in Tennessee who are part of the Tennessee Valley Authority…their bills are like yours. The last bill I had under $50 was in 1977 in a 1 bedroom apartment with a window air conditioner.

FYI …if the electricity was free, I’d still shut down…but I’d turn the air on freeze