Shutdowns on laptop with nVidia graphics

Hi all,
I am not sure if this was not posted here before but I wanted to warn.

On laptop (Dell G3: intel i7-8750H + nVidia 1050Ti)
I had an issue with graphics - sometimes Cubase 10.0.15 Pro randomly freeze for 1s and shut down with no dump. (It was annoyingly frequent.)
I solved it by forcing integrated intel graphics in Win10 (latest update) but I just wanted to mention that this issue is present. :wink:



Nvidia cards don’t work very well in the last months (with Cubase, but I have read about several other applications too). It’s always a big experiment, which driver version is currently working. And once you find it, Windows update will update the driver to some other version and you can start from scratch.

Pozdrav do Prahy. :wink:

I’ve also been experiencing crashes using the Nvidia card in my laptop (I didn’t notice Cubase was running with the Nvidia until I read this). I forced it to use the integrated graphics and now it’s rock solid.

I can reproduce the crash pretty easily, so I would be happy to provide a dump if it helps.

I’m experiencing the same issue on my laptop with Nvidia card. How do you get change settings to use the integrated graphics card?