Shutting Down WL7 Issue!

Hi, Folks!
I’ve been using WL7 for awhile now, on an HP 8460p Core i5 laptop with 16GB RAM running Windows7, and have run into a curious issue:
For some reason, closing WL removes it from the screen, but the .exe file remains loaded according to the Windows Task Manager. In this state, WL cannot be restarted, and the Task Manager must be used to END the WL Process Task.
However, when this is done, none of the existing settings are saved, and a WL restart comes up with totally different startup data, including windows layouts, from a much older session that it seems to have somehow saved!?!?!
Anybody got any ideas why? It’s not a fatal problem, but it is a bit frustrating to have to reset layouts and files accessed everytime it’s loaded up for use.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Southae …

So, has this only just started to happen? Or was the behaviour occurring from the outset of the WL installation?

By ‘closing WL’ you mean using ‘Cntl+Q’ correct? As opposed to just closing the open screens using the ‘X’.

Until you sort the issue out, you can try saving your ‘default’ workplace and this will allow you recall it easily irrespective of what the last closed WL session looked like.

This means “something” hangs in WaveLab before the preferences are saved.
I don’t know what it can be, but you can try:

  1. Close all workspace windows one by one, and for the last one, close all tabs before closing the workspace. The idea is to limit the complexity of the layout.
  2. If this does not work, erase the file:
    C:\Users[…]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 8\Preferences\General.dat
    This will erase some of your settings, but not preset.

Hmm, this is interesting! Ctrl-Q shuts down WL7 completely and saves the screens, but clicking the upper right hand window “X” doesn’t! Curious behavior?!? Or is this the way its supposed to behave??? :astonished:

Hi Southae …

Subject to what PG might say, I believe Ctrl+Q is the way it is supposed to work … a real difference to previous versions.

Certainly, on my system, closing the windows will not close WL.

I am glad this helped in some way.

To quit WaveLab:
Ctrl+Q or File > Quit WaveLab
If you close a window, WaveLab only quits if this is the last opened WaveLab window. Now, it’s not impossible that in certain circumstances, there is a bug and that this mechanism fails (WaveLab does not quit, thinking there is still an opened window).

Thanks, as always, to everyone, especially Philippe, who’s developed an absolutely fantastic software application!

I had/have exactly the same issue so glad I found this thread. I’m clicking X in the last window to close WL, but it’s not closing. It is not in the taskbar, but can be seen still running in Task Manager and if you don’t realise this and launch WL again nothing happens. Quite annoying.