Shuttle playhead?

Is it possible to use a shuttle (rotating knob) to move the playhead? Doesn’t appear to be much control over the playhead. There is a fast forward but move by frame is needed, other than some painful clicking.

That would be great for moving through the rhythmic grid as well( instead of shift command Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow etc)

To answer your question: no, there’s no real control over the playhead.

Do any of the other ways of moving the playhead described here help? I think there are “move forward/backward by frame” commands.

Bwaaaaa, Lillie, yes the Cntrl/Cmd +,- will do it, and maybe I could map a shuttle to that. This is odd though, I was looking at this documentation page which doesn’t list those commands, so probably is for an older version but there’s no version info. Those pesky older pages keep coming up in search and causing trouble.

If there’s no number after the Dorico logo, it’s the Dorico v1 manual. The URL should help, too: it’s

Do maybe bookmark the latest version of the manual, which is:

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The url states v1… That could be a clue!

Leo, we’re connected :joy:

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Also, see @dspreadbury’s useful trick for searching the latest version of the documentation directly from the address bar in your browser here.

Maybe, I’ve never found a site search that does as well as a web search engine though. Daniels tips is great but my life is complicated enough working in 10+ apps for this already! :grin:

Yes, but if a search engine prioritizes the version with the most clicks, then (sadly but) logically the older version will have more clicks, especially if the bad ranking causes continuing erroneous clicks after the information is no longer current.

Lillie said they’re looking into it, personally I’d just move the legacy ones, set them as SEO not searchable, and provide a header link in the current pages to go to previous versions. If you wanted to get fancy have a drop down which selects the version to view.