Shuttle screws automation in PREVIEW

Hey there,

I think I’ve found a bug - when I work with automation, go into preview mode, and press one of the shuttle/scrub keys, the inserts get bypassed temporarily this screws their status with preview, resulting in bypassed plugins etc.

Can anybody confirm? Esp. also when there are also tracks that are not set to read nor write, but have inserts on them.

Its been there for à long time.
Go to preferences, in the transport or vst pages there are settings to save power bypassing plugins when scrub/shuttle/jog. Make sure it’s set to NOT bypass the plugins when doing that.

The bug is that it should not record automation when doing scrubbing

Thanks for the solution Erik, I’ll try it. I reported this bug/design flaw back in March I believe.


It’s “Preferences”, “Transport”, “scrub”. There select “Use Inserts While Scrubbing” to do just that, and presumably avoid writing automation when scrubbing.

Thanks Erik.

Thanks guys, will try that!

Was REALLY REALLY annoyed when I say 6 episodes of TV series with a pretty short turnaround time screwed automation wise… shocking that this has slipped through and hasn’t been addressed since March.

Any word from Steinberg when you mentioned it to them?

Well, I put this info on the forum as a FR/Bug with a “?”. So, needless to say nobody from Steinberg responded to it. See, that’s how they do things. I suppose I could have called support with the info, but since they say a FR can be posted here I honestly don’t see the point.

Timo and the others just don’t talk to us. There are numerous ways of characterizing such a stance by a company towards its customers. I won’t get into it here though as it’ll surely get the post deleted and me banned. But their silence is deafening. Just look at the amount of posts by officials in this forum this year…

Sad. I must say I was very much surprised by the amount of technical support I received from Avid when having trouble with PT. 2-3 emails a day were not that unusual in trying to nail down a problem.