SI-String Section

Anyone seen an issue with SI-String Section where it will play fine live and during recording
, but as soon as you start playing it back the notes don’t end. Its as if its not getting the Midi stop command. Only happens with SI Strings,. I can change the track to a different instrument and it plays fine.


I’m sorry, I don’t have the instrument… I just wanted to mention, this command:

is named Note Off.

I’ve just installed SI Instruments and it’s still the same.
When you playback all the midi notes hang.


Could you try to increase or decrease your Audio Device Buffer Size, please? Try to experiment with the value, please. As gar as I know, some instruments are not working well with some Buffer Size.

Hi Martin,
It’s still the same. It looks like a note off thing.


Canyon see the Note Off MIDI Message in the MIDI Insert > MIDI Monitor?

Hi all
I wanted to ask if any solution was found, because the same thing happens to me, I can’t use the SI-String Section because the notes never stop, and I have to Midi-reset each time.