"Siamese twin" tracks?

I am having a weird problem when I create a new midi track by using the “duplicate track” function:

Once I create the new track every editing operation I perform on it is mirrored in the original track even though the latter is not selected or enabled.

As an example, let’s say I duplicate a piano track and then decide I want to erase the left hand from the new track and the right hand from the old track. No matter what I do, when I get rid of the left hand, it disappears from BOTH tracks, and vice versa with the new track. How do I make these track autonomous for the purpose of editing?

Has anybody else encountered this?

Thanks in advance.



At the top-right corner of the MIDI event, you can probably see =, right? This is a shared copy. Select the MIDI Part, and select Convert to Real Copy. Then it’s not shared copy anymore, and it becomes independent.

thanks for helping. Sorry, I hope I’m not being stupid but I don’t see any “=” sign. When I select the track the EDIT menu option to create real copy is greyed out. I can do it with audio but not with midi.


In default settings, Cubase will ask you, if you want to make a new version of the file (and process just the one event), or if you want to apply the process to all events.

Probably, you enabled “Please, don’t ask again” in past.

To enable this message again, open Preferences > Editing > Audio. There is the On Processing Shared Clips. Select Open Options Dialog from the menu.

This will solve your issue.

Martin, sorry, but I guess I’m not making myself clear.

I don’t have a problem with Audio tracks. I am having a problem with midi tracks being shared and the option to create a real copy (i.e., a nonshared track) is greyed out when I select the midi track and go to the edit/function menu.

Thanks for your patience.



I’m sorry, my fault.

Could you try to select the MIDI event, and click to Edit > Functions > Convert to Real Copy?

But i’m really surprised. Duplicate of the track shouldn’t make a shared copy. And the shared copy should be always marked with =.

Or, your events are Grouped. Is there something like V icon in the top-right corner of the MIDI event? If you select one of the event, even the second one is selected? If yes, select it, end then from Edit menu select Ungroup. Btw: the Group function is in Edit menu also, and the shortcut is Ctrl+G.

Hi, Martin,

Just wanted to let you know that I opened a new file and did some experimenting. the Edit > Functions > Convert to Real Copy works fine with cloned midi copies in the new file, so I think it might just have been some weird glitch in the old file.

so, bottom line is, problem solved!

thanks very much and happy holidays.