Sibelius 5 crossgrade to dorico

My apologies if this has been answered already in another thread, but I was wondering how I can verify my crossgrade eligibility from Sibelius 5? It does not (and according to Avid) will not appear in my product list on my Avid account because it’s so old. When I click “about Sibelius” in the app, I can see the serial number but the page does not have my info.

I’ve long since lost the DVD and packaging so those options are out…

Is that sufficient to prove eligibility for my crossgrade?

Also are there any specific requirements regarding the education discount? I’m not currently a full time teacher but I adjunct at a couple of different places.

Thanks in advance!

Any previous version of Finale or Sibelius is eligible, no matter how old, provided it is a license for the full product and not one of the cut-down variants like Sibelius First, Sibelius Student, Finale PrintMusic, and so on. A screenshot of the About Sibelius window showing your serial number will be sufficient: save it in PDF format for easy uploading during the purchase process.

To get the educational discount, include in the same PDF (e.g. on a second page) some proof of employment at an accredited educational institution, and you should be fine.

As a teacher you can also fill out the PDF form from the Steinberg website below, in order to get the educational discount.