Sibelius 6.2 Version Score into Dorico?


I need to export a Sibelius score to Dorico.

Whats the best work around for this? I read that there is a plug in called Dorlet that you have to down load and then this will enable you to export a MUSIC XML file. But for some reason I am having a hard time trying to download this plug in…??

Is anyone else in this same situation and they have another solution besides the dorlet plugin?

Thank you!


Amanda, you spelt it incorrectly :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Yes indeed I did - Dolet! auto correction…LOL

I found the plug in! Thank you… Just wondering if there are any other solutions …

I don’t think so. Unless you want to resort to (Photoscore or similar) scanning :slight_smile:
Others might know of other ways.

Sibelius 7 and later will export musicxml; so if you can find a computer with Sib 7, it can open your file, and then you can export it. Heck, if you send it to me I’d be happy to export xml for you.

Hi Stephan,

You are too kind! Thank you for the offer all the same!

But I have Sib. 6.2 - I tried installing the dole plug-in with no success. Just for the sake of it, I saved my file as a .mid and imported that into Dorico - it looked like a nightmare! I had little expectation.

I am curious, I have never worked with a xml file before? How TRULY helpful is this in transferring music from different notation platforms? Even when I would import midi files from protools into Sib. there was still so much re-formating involved. But I was on a really old version back then also too.

Right now, I am thinking I would be better just starting from scratch and just copy my score manually into Dorico. It could be a good experiment!

That is why I am curious if there is anything new on the market that could be explored for this type of situation.

Thank you so much for chiming in!

I should have said - Sib 7 can read earlier .sib files with no trouble. So if you sent your 6.2 file to anyone with Sibelius 7 or later, they can export as musicxml for you. In my experience, importing xml into Dorico is quite a bit faster than re-doing the whole thing, especially if it’s a big piece.

But if you input your old piece into Dorico, then you get more practice - so either way is good!

Amanda, sometimes music XML is reasonably good but there seems to be problems in the way each software program either imports or exports it (how it interprets symbols etc.) I believe each is intending to improve this in their on-going updates.
I had a problem with StaffPad directly to Dorico using music XML but the tuplets were a mess as well as a number of other things so I tried StaffPad to Sibelius to Dorico and that worked much better.
You could try various imports and exports if you want to experiment. Musescore might be a good intermediate or Finale (although if the problem is the current Dolet it probably will not help as the data coming out might not be adequate). However because of my success with Sibelius (v8.5) to Dorico for a few other things, it might be better to try a more recent version for exporting as Stephen has suggested.
Another thought: each import-export might re-interpret the data in unexpected ways making it worse.

Hi Arco,

I haven’t tried the StaffPad to Dorico (or as I like to say…“Esspie to Dorrie”) via XML yet. Sorry to hear that it is less than optimal…I have hope as I know that David H. and Daniel S. have been in communication over the development of both new applications and I hope and expect that much will be improved in how they may function interactively in the future…(fingers crossed!!!)