Sibelius Alt+G alternative


I am a teacher and often create short 8-16 bar lead sheets for students to play. In the past I have created the music in Sibelius and used the Alt+G shortcut to copy the selected passage for insertion into Word or something similar. Is there a similar function in Dorico Pro 2 that I just don’t see or is it planned for a later version?


If you’re on a Mac you could just do a screen capture using I think it’s shift – command - 4 (drawn a box around the material you wish to convert to a graphic) and then insert it into Word. However, Dorico also has robust text frame capability such that you could also do the entire worksheet (including text) right within Dorico if you want (others here I’m sure can point you in the right direction in this regard)…

Paul, I don’t know the formatting requirements of your worksheet, but you would probably be best off doing it entirely in Dorico. Here’s a tutorial:

It’s quite easy to set text frames, indent using Tab, and make changes to the fonts and styles.

One thing you can’t yet do is to link text frames (meaning, the paragraph text flows from one frame into the next). You have to manually place the text based on the size of the frame you set. But worksheets really are quite easy, and you can export to PDF, so no pixalizing of your musical examples!

If you do want to do the layout work for worksheets within e.g. Microsoft Word, your best bet is probably to use Dorico’s Graphics Export function.
You’ll need to do some cropping yourself, outside of Dorico.
Screenshots are very convenient but resolution issues mean that they often look blurry on the page.

Good point re: blurriness…

The Sibelius prefs allow you to raise the dpi of the Alt+G output so I find that it produces very clear images. However, I am through with Avid so I am trialling Cubase 10 Pro and Dorico with an intention of ditching Pro Tools and Sibelius. I’ll have a look at the tutorial dankreider linked to and see if producing resources 100% in Dorico suits me. Thanks for the suggestions.

Paul, if you want to stick to your former workflow, it is (as mentioned above) possible to do proper graphical export from within Dorico. In the version since 2.0 (I think) resolutions up to 1200 dpi are possible.
The exported graphic might need a little editing, like reducing the borders. This extra step can be easily done for example in Preview (Mac). In Windows there must be a similar easy graphic editor to do this kind of job…

You can actually crop images within Word itself, if you must :wink:

If you wish to export music snippets from Dorico into Microsoft Word, I would strongly suggest exporting SVG rather than a bitmap format such as PNG or TIFF. Word’s SVG handling works well and the use of SVG leaves you free to resize the music freely. You will need to crop the export once you import it into Word, but that takes seconds.

A future enhancement that I would like to see is the ability to select a passage in Dorico for export as a graphic, or to copy to the clipboard in a chosen format (SVG would be a sensible default IMHO).