Sibelius Crossgrade

I would like to buy a crossgrade but I cannot find my invoice for Sibelius any more.

Can I make a screenshot of the “Help” site within my installed Sibelius showing my System ID
and my activation code as a proof?

Yes, that would be OK, and probably a screengrab of your My Products page at would also be fine.

Just launch Sibelius and then screenshot the splash page. Crop, convert to pdf and send that. It will be fine…!


Great. Thanks.

The “My Products” Page at does not actually display your name. Hence, will a screengrab of this still be OK to use for crossgrade verification? Thanks, Mark Dal Porto

That’s a good point, Mark, but neither does the About Sibelius page in Sibelius itself. The verification team will notice if lots of people start uploading the same picture, though, so I don’t think it’s an avenue for fraud or dodging around the eligibility criteria.

Thank you, Daniel!