Sibelius house style equivalent


I am sure, I read a very good explanation somewhere here, but can not find it…
An editor gave me settings (for Sibelius and Finale) of their house style. I am trying to translate this into Dorico values. So far I have managed to get the fonts right, but I am having problems to transfer the values for the margins:

Page Margins
top: 15 mm
left: 20 mm
right: 18 mm
bottom 17 mm
Pages mirrored

Staff Margins
top: 40 mm
bottom: 16 mm
After first page:
top: 12 mm
bottom: 4 mm

How can I translate this into Dorico Engraving Rules?

Btw., they were completely flattered by the appearance of my provided score (sketch) and were asking about the used software :slight_smile:

Perhaps I’m missing the question, but this is quite simple. Layout Options—Page Setup.

The page margins are simple, as Dan said.

For the Staff margins, you would need to set the Music Frame Margins to 16mm and 4mm. and then adjust the position of the music frame on the first page to give an extra 40 - 16 = 24mm at the top and 12 - 4 = 8mm at the bottom.

I guess the page numbers have to go somewhere, but we don’t have enough information to deal with that, or what to do with any titles on the first page, unless they are supposed to go in the extra 24mm space at the top. Maybe the extra 8 mm at the bottom is for the copyright notice or something similar.

Thank you Dan and Rob, this will give me something to work on.
I did have a small problem with changing the Default Text font. Went into Engrave Mode, Font Styles and changed the Default Text font, which for some reason did not change my document… Don’t know how I managed, toggled in Preferences the Default text font to the other one; but then other projects took over these settings, which I did not want of course. Anyway, it somehow worked out…