Sibelius migrant's question


I’ve just started testing Dorico, I’m really considering switching to it after all life long working with Sibelius.
Dorico is great with the things it can do, but I try to test its limits… :wink:

Could you help me with these things?

  1. Frames – I add it in the engrave mode
    1a) Changing the border type – for example for dotted?
    1b) Linking it with the instrument (or player) so it will automatically be shown in a part?

  2. Custom lines – oh this is sooo important
    This is an excerpt from my piece:

    As you see – there are frames, but more important is that there are several custom lines. Is it feasible in Dorico?

  3. Arrows:
    Simple ones, like this:
    Zrzut ekranu 2019-08-29 o 11.38.40.png
    Can it be done?

  4. Harp pedaling – is there any native solution for it already? I’ve found some musical font solving on the forum, but it was quite an old thread…

I will really appreciate your help with this – you can believe there is very serious decision to be made for me here :wink:


Bear with for a little while longer. 2) and 3) have basically been promised for Dorico v3, which appears to be coming soon. I’m not sure about 1) - it’s certainly not how it works at the moment; and 4) isn’t currently natively supported but there are ways round it.

I feel your pain Premislaus. I deal with a lot of aleatoric music at the studio, and am often forced to use another program (though I would much prefer Dorico) until these become implemented… I can’t wait for the update!