Sibilance Compatibility


I was kindly given a link for Cubase LE 6 which is what I had before I upgraded my DAW computer. I will be using this for a while until I upgrade.

I am on looking for essentials and want to know if this will work with Cubase LE 6? Does anyone have a quick run through as to how it can be applied to a vocal on Cubase? does the Cubase software pick up this plug in automatically or do I have to drag and drop into a folder etc?

I am literally only going to be using Cubase to mix and master vocals, predominantly basic hip hop rap tracks for a while to get some practice. Can anybody recommend any decent plug ins from

Or alternatively, I have seen in posts/articles Cubase 6 LE already has a built in de esser. Can you kindly tell me where it is located?

Thank you.


This is VST3 plug-in, I can’t see any reason, why it wouldn’t work with Cubase 6.

If you want to be sure, I would recommend you to Get the plug-in Demo.