Side by side docking of Project & Lower Zone (now Side Zone)

As long as it’s all optional (you can show/hide both inspectors whenever), then it looks good!

This layout would work great on wide screen monitors :slight_smile:.

Each Zone can be set up to only have the tabs you want in them, so you can keep the Right Zone as just the VST Racks and MediaBay if you want.

You can already do this, but there’s little to no point.

I guess I should’ve said “show/hide the Right and Left Zones whenever” instead on Inspectors. But yeah, that sounds/looks good too. Options to customize the work environment are always welcome (as long as they make sense, of course). Nice mockups!


Magnetic dockable Windows has been a user request for 20+years. This would mean you could put your windows where you wish. Also the behaviour of always on top is weird tick it and it’s not always on top, untick it and it is not. A on top also seems to disappear to easily, we need a Pin. These two features would maximise flexibility.

Right now you can drag tabs around. If there were enough zones, Left/Right/Top/Bottom/Side split, then we could just drag those tabs into whatever Zone we want and then change the size as we want. This would keep the current window handling structure but make it very flexible.

Yes this would be an improvement, but why not free global dockability - including VSTs?

I don’t understand how docking VSTs would work well. They vary in GUI size so much and most aren’t freely resizeable. Switching them would change the window layout a lot (what would happen when going from a tall to a wide one?)

Technically, the Sampler Track seems to be a plugin (Sampler Track.dll) so in this way it could work, but that one’s fully resizeable.


It’s a great idea. If Cubase supports customizable magnetic docking, it will be able to crush all DAWs.

@djw, Why you don’t use Workspaces for this?

The workflow like this isn’t impossible right now, just like previously it would have been possible to use multiple workspaces to create a Lower Zone. But it’s neater and more convenient:

  • Less windows means more space for contents and a cleaner look, just like now with the Lower Zone.

  • When the Key Editor is closed and I switch to my Split workspace, the Key Editor isn’t influenced by the switch and will just open maximized.

  • The transition between workspaces is slow and distracting.

  • If I keep my MixConsole maximized, this now becomes the main project window, adding more window borders. If I slightly misclick the top bar I will be sent to the mixer.

I polished the original post a bit and tried to make it more clear.



Great idea, all this could be extended to opening the zones in other display’s!


Sounds great!

Thanks for the support everyone! I’m holding my breath for 9.5.

You’ll die.

+1 bring it on

I was hoping it would be like that in Cubase 9, now I hope for it in 9.5