Side chain Audio-Ins not working for me

As per Cubase 9 video I tried this ‘exactly’ as shown. I get nothing through Retrologue from sent audio file. Retrologue is functioning as I hear it play from keyboard. Am I just stupid here? That is possible…


This is a 8.5 project opened in Cubase 9.


Can you send a screenshot, please? Or some hints?

Could you try with a fresh project, made in Cubase 9 (just to make sure), please?

When I tried this at first, just like you I got nothing from Retrologue.
After watching the video 4 times I realized that both tracks needs to be record enabled.

You have to play a note into Retrologue

Take a look at the May 2017 edition of Sound On Sound - very good article on this subject.

The link just gives a taster - get the print edition at your newsagent/Tesco…