Side Chain Compression Effect Not Audible

Hi Guys,

So I followed the instructions in this video to implement side chain compression:

I also viewed another video by a user using Cubase.

But it doesn’t seem to work. I used a different drum kit, and a different bass, than what was used in the example. But I pretty much followed the same steps.

I double checked that the send was active. I redid the steps, on the same tracks, multiple times. But I just don’t hear the side chain compression.

What could I be doing wrong? Please ask me for more information if you need it. Thanks.

u r doing something wrong for sure

Well, that was a very pathetic, unhelpful reply before this one. Totally unnecessary.
I’ll try to help. First of all, put your equipment/versions/hardware in your signature. It will help others to help you with future questions. See mine below.
Using a different drumkit & different bass is a red herring. It’s volume levels that will determine the pumping sound that you’re after. But this does lead me to ask a question -
You say you used a different “drum kit”. Have you got a full kit loop going on there or just a kick drum playing a 4*4?
If you have snares, hats etc in that loop as well you are constantly “ducking” or compressing the signal, so you won’t hear the effect as the volume could well be down on every 16th (as an example)
Start with a new project
Load up padshop - preset The Opening. record 8 bars - can be one chord if you wish, say Cm
Load up Groove agent one - preset minimal techno.
Create an 8 bar empty midi loop and add C1 to every 1/4 beat
On your mixer, padshop track, inserts, select Steinberg Dynamics - Compressor. Activate the side-chain button, just to the left of the name box. Load Dance Master as an example preset
on you mixer, in the Groove Agent track, click on “E” then in the sends section select Side Chains Padshop 1.
Click the button on the left of this to light it up (turn it on). Drag the slider on this all the way to the right - should say 6.02 and on mine at least, is a nice blue colour.
Adjust the compressor as a test:
Threshold -34.2
Ratio 3.91
Make up 9.0
Attack 10.6
Hold 0 (zero)
Release 280
Analysis 44

Working fine on mine.
Come back to us if you’ve solved it - or not!
Generally speaking the users here are helpful :slight_smile: