side chain compressor meter issue!!

I just noticed what seems to be a couple of issues:

  1. the stock compressor and gate have some really strange behavior with a side chain signal now. The GR meter does not at all correspond with the actual gain reduction that’s occuring, and the gate doesn’t seem to be timing itself with the side chain signal at all. I’ve used these extensively in the last two verisons of Cubase, and this appears to be an entirely new problem. I wonder if all the side chaining with Cubase plugs is awry…I went ahead and used Alloy for what I was trying to do today, and it worked fine.

  2. In the past I have automated levels sending and returning from hardware compressors, and I will typically make an instantaneous mirror sort of move that allows me to instantly change the level sent to the compressor without registering an audible change in volume. I tried this today and noticed it caused a weird skip in the playback of that stereo track. I found I could workaround it by making the moves a little less instantaneous.

Anyone else come across these?

Hi steveschizoid,

we’ve found a bug concerning the metering in our VST3 plug-in set. A reboot helped most of the users.
Currently we are working on an update.

I can confirm this. Some Cubase plugins don’t work perfectly here. Well, they work, but the graphical part of the metering is failing on me.

Then again, we shouldn’t be mixing with our eyes, but with our ears :wink: