Side chain de-essing

I’m trying to figure out if I have this set up correctly, because with my current set up, I can’t hear any difference. In fact, I only hear more compression, which is actually emphasizing the sibilants.

I have duplicated my vocal track. On the duplicate vocal track, I have boosted the eq as far as it will go on the offending frequency and cut out all other frequencies. On the original vocal track, I have inserted the Cubase compressor with the side chain activated. I have routed my duplicate vocal track out to the compressor’s side chain.

Is this correct?

If you are trying this then make sure you either have the duplicate tracks output routing to no connection or the fader off (all the way down) and the send set to pre fader, then use the send to send to the compressors side chain.

Thanks for the feedback.

I set it up the way you said and I still don’t hear a difference. Maybe I just can’t differentiate. Is this a good technique for de-essing?

I have the spitfish de-esser but wanted to try something first that affects the vocal less. What do you guys think of spitfish?

If you are using the stock cubase compressor, make sure auto gain makeup is off, set the attack to fast and release to a fast setting also. set the ratio to a moderate setting of say 6:1 and watch the GR (gain reduction meter) to set the amount of dessing (maybe 6 to 12dB)