Side Chain in Channel strip

Is There a way to route one signalflow to multiple compressors in the channelstrip?

As I see now, you only can route the outputof eg. the kick to one compressor in the strip. But that’s it…

I would like to use the same kick as a simultaneous trigger for different compressors (on diferent channels) in the channel strip.

Any solution?


How is this failing for you? You need to add a send on the kick for every channel that has a compressor with sidechain. Don’t route the output of the kick, set it up as a send.

If you run out of sends you can route the kick through a group track and get a fresh batch of sends.

Another method would be to create a single group channel with a single compressor and route everything you want to sidechain compress through that group. Then you’d have to send the kick only once. Everything would be effected equally this way. You have a little more control over how much gets effected if you sidechain everything separately.