*Side-Chain Issue

Hi, side-chain used to work well in all plugins.

Νow when i choose the kick to go to the bass (insert-compressor), in the sends of the kick appears a ‘‘snare insert’’ ( a plugin of snare-insert), or a’‘hi hat insert’’ (a plugin-insert of hi hat).

What is going on? I select something in side-chain input and it appears something else (from an other channel) in the sends of what i select.

i restarted my pc and i started cubase in safe mode (disable preferences), but there is still the same issue.

Please help me.

Thank you!

Hej, this is quite normal I guess.
You can now route any SC signal via your send sliders.
So if you use the compressor on your bass track and activate the SC button all other instances will find this SC function. So now you just go to your Bassdrum track and select the SC of you Bass track in the send slider and you can send the information of the Bassdrum to trigger the compressor on your Bass track.
Does that make sense to you?

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Thank you, but even i activate the sidechain input on the bass compressor, it doesn’t appear in the sends. It just appeare an other channel-insert, that i don’t activate it.

It seems like Cubase read wrong things.

Yes, that is also normal. If you activate SC on Track 1 you cannot find that in your sends from Track 1!!
You can only use the signal of another track to trigger that SC!

  1. activate SC in compressor on bass track
  2. go to another track (normally Bassdrum), open the sends here and activate the SC Bass track
  3. adjust the level you want to send to your compressor on the Bass track
    then the compressor on your bass track will be controlled by the bassdrum signal.
    I hope I answer what you want to know and not sth else…
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Of course, you’re right, sorry i didn’t explain it correctly. Of course i cannot find it in the sends of track 1, i mean that it’s not appear on the other track-sends.

*I open a compressor on the bass inserts, i activate sidechain input, i select the kick for sidechain input and now when i go to kick sends, it appears a “snare insert” or a “hi hat insert” (from other plugins) and no the bass compressor that i’m doing the sidechain.

Also i don’t have any sidechain activated on any snare and hi hat inserts and i don’t send any signal from kick to an other track.

It seems like a bug. I use more than a year Cubase 10 and it’s the first time I have this issue.

your routing is preventing the side chain input from appearing on the kick channel…
read the manual which situations do this…

first unassign all input buses

Thank you, but i don’t find something about this issue on the manual.

Do you know where i have to look specifically?

What i do wrong? I don’t do somethnig different from the other times that i do side-chain.

Certain combinations of tracks and side-chain inputs may lead to feedback loops and added latency. If this is the case, the side-chain options are not available.

thought it was more written on the situation… maybe it was a different document I had in mind

No , this is not the problem that i mentioned before.

what you mean with this?

Can you provide some screenshots from your routings?