Side Chain Mis-behavior

I have a template project with groups set up, and have noticed that this seems to cause a problem with side chain set up.

Strange behavior, mainly the perceived audible effect of the side chain being there as expected (ie working/affecting the signal) when the side chain is NOT engaged and no side chain signal visibly recieved at the compressor, and the sidechain then NOT working when the side chain button IS activated on the compressor for that group. I thought I must be causing this myself somehow

So I then created a fresh group, and it works just fine setting a side chain up from scratch?

??Perhaps this happens cos my project template was created in an earlier version of Cubase, maybe 6, maybe even late 5s

Has anyone noticed this ? I cant see this being anything but a bug because I have tested my own sanity by setting up sidechains from scratch to prove I’m not making a mistake in the process, and find a fresh set up works correctly every time. yet the sidechains I try to set up in my template dont behave correctly? Weird

I’ve not really set up stuff the way you have but personally I have noticed just simply Sending audio signals to an FX channel.

It just seems like not all the signals are “registered” through that FX channel sometimes. Like i would listen and then bypass, and sometimes I just DON’T hear the difference at all…