Side Chain pain in the...

So i had this problem on Cubase 5 and i thought meh it might just be fixed with 7 but GOD DAMN NO!

So when i actually push the Side-chain button on the bass track, i go to the Kick track and i want to put in the sends of it the actual side-chain of the bass. For some reason, the sidechain send wont show up! This gets me so damn mad!

What gets me even more mad is that from time to time the god damn side-chain works but when it doesn’t like described up there whatever the hell i’d do i just can’t never ever even dream of it comming back seriously what the hell?

Here is the routing of both tracks

Bass - Stereo out
Kick - Group 1 - Group 2 - Stereo Out

Sorry if i went a little overboard i really hope im doing something dumb and someone can help me out on this…

Never ever had a problem.
Here is a link to a video I made. Is this what you are doing?

very rarely, but sometimes the sc input also doesn’t show up as a possible send destination for me. restarting the project will help, but is a nuisance.

@Mrhehon Im doing the EXACT same thing but the sidechain won’t show in the sends therefore my sidechain is just plain useless this seriously pisses me…

@lukasbrooklyn Even when i restart the whole computer the god damn problem is still there! can’t use no freaking sidechain AT ALL!

omg cubase what have i done to you? :frowning: