Side Chain Send Doesn't Appear

I saw a thread on this for Cubase 6, but haven’t seen one since. I am using Cubase 8.5 and am having the same issue the users reported on Cubase 6.

If I use the Compressor that comes with Cubase and activate the Side Chain Input on the compressor, occasionally it will not show up on another channel’s send options. Some channels will recognize the side chain input, but others do not. Does anyone know what causes this and how it can be avoided?


I’m having the same issue using Waves Vocal Rider.

I just learned I was having the problem on an older project. When I loaded a newer project, everything works as it should.

Is there any plan to fix this issue?

I’m using Cubase Artist 8 and encountered same problem.

I had two channels linked in mixer, both with compression on in their channel strip. When SC activated, only second channel appeared in send from third channel. Both appeared after I unlinked channels. May not be solution to your problem, per se, but fixed it for me.