Side-chain through a bus


I was wondering if it is possible to create a side-chain bus to - for example - feed a bunch of renderer busses, but also a plugin/insert on the channel itself…

Hope this makes sense, but it seems that there is a mechanism in place prevents an insert to be side-chained from a bus, when the bus is fed by itself. While feedback loops are not an issue with side-chains?

– Dennis

If I understand the objective…

Make a group track.

Use Aux sends to send whatever you want into that group.

Host whatever effects you want on the group. If you’ll be needing to host plugins with aux inputs and outputs, set the group up in Quad mode, which would allow you to ‘pan’ input as required.

Send the group to whatever final outputs you desire. If you need to send it to more than one, again, use Aux sends from the group track itself.

Hey Brian,

Thanks for your reply.
And I guess my explanation wasn’t clear enough.

Hope my uploaded picture gives a better understanding of what I mean.

The plugin on bus A, needs to bed side-chained. The side chain source is a another bus, bus B. Bus A is also sending to bus. But if so, it won’t be allowed to be chosen as a side-chain source.

– Dennis