Side-chaining channel SELF through bus

Hi all,

Due to the nature sidechains in plugins are constructed in Nuendo (creating a send from a channel/input/bus) it seems not possible to create a side-chain from a bus back into any channel that is feeding the bus. I understand the difficulty of such a construct (feedback loop?) but it prevents me to create a side-chain signal (pre-fader send into a buss) across multiple (Atmos) objects for mastering purposes.

Anybody a work-around? Or am I not looking in the right place? :slight_smile:

If you have an audio interface with loopback like RME, UA and etc, you can create a set of 2 external effect instances to route signal from anywhere on the vst mixer to anywhere else. A send instance with only outputs connected and another return instance with only inputs connected. Loop these i/o in the I/F mixer then signal from the send instance appears at the return instance.

Additional latency amount is 1x i/o buffer size and the interface’s internal dsp latency (e.g. 1 sample in HDSP Mixer). This actually can be ‘compensated’ by setting the delay amount on the send instance, then use a delay with sample size (e.g. voxengo latency delay).

BTW, self assigning/routing is impossible especially in native daw because if e.g. imagine a case when a channel has a compressor that receives a sidechain signal from a send of the same channel. In this case, the compressor has to get a side-chain signal after everything in the channel is calculated. But to calculate the channel, the compressor has to be calculated. So the best it can do is getting the side chain signal previously calculated and that is 1 x aiso buffer size ago.

In PT with dsp mixer, it allows feedback to the same channel using a bus, but the signal is actually delayed by 1xDSP mixer buffer size and that is about several samples IIRC. Not many people mind such an amount of time, but on native daw like cubendo, the delay will make confusing results.

Hi Takashi,

Thanks for the suggestion, and I wouldn’t mind the extra latency. But I was hoping for a more elegant solution than routing in/out of the DAW. And indeed, as I know from PT it should be possible.

Yes, agree. But in this case I’d like to create a sum of different channels and then us that as an ‘average’ side-chain for all. The choice between pre/post sends should then be enough to make some distinction.

I’ll continue the search for a solution… :slight_smile:

Hi Dietz,

Thanks for this. I’ll look in to it.