side chaining with Cubase 7 Artist - NI Vintage Compressor


can please someone help me how to get the sidechain of a 3rd party compressor (the NI compressors) working in Cubase 7 Artist?

I’ve seen a thread about creating a group bus (quadro), but it seems there’s no way to create that one in “Artist Version”.
So how can I set up the sidechain working?

Maybe someone can show the steps.

Thanks alot,

No idea anyone how to do that?

Okay, maybe we have to ask a different way:

IS is possible to create a routing for a NI Compressor with Cubase Artist 7 or only Cubase 7?
That’s the 200 bucks question :slight_smile:


So, as I got the answer through the german forum, I’d like to share:

No - doesn’t work as Cubase Artist has no quadro channels.

In general, Sidechaining in Cubase Artist does work for mono signals with stereo groups.