Side Chaining with Fabfilter's Pro-C2.

First of all, hello follow forum users. I am a complete Cubase newbie and I believe this is my first post. I’ve been actively attempting to learn Cubase, and have been watching Groove 3’s tutorials as well as everything I can find online in an attempt to learn Cubase. That being said…

I wanted to use Fabfilter’s Pro-C2 on a bass track using the kick from my drums as the source to the side chain input. For some reason, I can’t get Cubase to “see” the Pro-C2’s side chain input as a destination. I ended up getting what I wanted by simply using the Compressor plug in that comes with Cubase. Cubase saw those inputs right away and I was able to achieve the “ducking” effect that I wanted.

I understand how side chaining works, and how to set it up in Cubase. What I don’t understand is why Cubase doesn’t see the Pro-C2’s inputs, but it does see Cubase’s Compressor without any issues? Or am I doing something wrong?


What Cubase derivative (Pro/Artist/Elements) do you use, please? Side Chain as a feature is not part of Cubase Elements, and I’m not sure with Artist.

I have Cubase Pro. Actually, I already figured it out. I needed to turn the side chain input on in Cubase. Someone on KVR’s forum pointed me in the right direction, but thanks anyway.