Side Chaining with Voxengo Deft Compressor

Hi does anybody have any experience side chaining with the Voxengo routing system - namely deft compressor? I’m trying to side chain a mono vocal source as a key signal against a stereo backing track on a group channel but the manual may as well be in Russian for all I can make of it!

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, simple external sidechaining in Cubase is not always possible unless it is specifically the vst3 standard sidechain.

There are two possibilities

  1. Using the VST3 plugin only, there will be a sidechain button just like there is on the Steinberg compressors
  2. The sidechain is not accessible from Cubase without setting up a quadro channel as a rather complicated workaround.

Although the manual says very little other than a suitable routing must be made I suspect the latter is the case.

If you have never sidechained anything I would recommend you test with a Steinberg plugin first as you can find plenty of tuitorials online and confirm you can get it working. If the Voxengo doesn’t offer the same sidechain option in the toolbar you might consider just avoiding using it for this purpose and find one that does.
Or if you are determined to do it despite no vst3 sidechain button, then you need to Google for Quadro channel sidechain in Cubase.

Thanks the reply - I meant the Voxengo manual specifically the Steinberg one is fine no complaints there. Off to try Quadro channels then…