Side scrolling not supported with Logitech MX Master mouse


Using the Logitech MX Master mouse in Cubase 8.0.20 Pro in Win 8.1 and Win 10, and the thumb scroll wheel doesn’t work to scroll the timeline left and right.

The side scrolling with the thumb wheel works fine in REAPER and Tracktion without changing any settings in the programs or in the PC control panel.
So, I’m not sure if there is some setting in Cubase that I need to change to enable the thumb scroll wheel.

Please add support for the thumb scroll wheel on the Logitech MX Master mouse.


I would like to know this to because my Mx master doesn’t do any extra functions that the logitech options software gives.

anybody any ideas?

tnx Danny

yea id like to know about this too?
anyone got some advice…worked perfectly in mac but not win10

yea i have the same problem